About us


Women and Girl Child Development Association (WEGCDA) is a registered non-profit making, non-governmental, non-politically affiliated Indigenous organization that was started in 2008 and registered in December 2009 with the NGO Board. WEGCDA seeks to address issues that have long been adversely deterring women and girlsu2019 involvement in the development process. The impediments to women and girl child involvement to the development process have been broken to range from social, economic, cultural as well as political sphere that comprise of elements that include but not limited to Gender based violence and abuse, poverty.

Unemployment, high illiteracy levels, early marriages and lack of awareness.

Women and Girl Child Development Association (WEGCDA), works to break the impediments that have barred women and girlu2019s involvement in the development process.


To see women and girls empowered to achieve their full potential and contribute to the development process.


To mobilize and empower women and girls both rural and urban to effectively participate in the development process. This will be done through capacity building and enhancement, lobbying and advocacy networking and partnership.

Core Values


Social and Economic Justice

Formation of women groups

Mentorship and coaching of young girls and women

Capacity building

Join Together For Charity!

Together, we can take a stand against poverty, food insecurity and social injustice in Uganda by empowering women, children and entire families.


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