what we do


Social and Economic Justice

We train women with hands on skills to promote fairness, equity and distribution of wealth, opportunities and privileges across many aspects of society. These include liquid soap making, sewing and tailoring, baking and other entrepreneurship skills. This in turn improves household incomes, paving a way to financial independence.

Formation of women groups

To encourage savings among young women and girls in the society, WEGCDA has formed women groups, namely; Gganda Women Initiative for Self-Empowerment (GWISE), Concern for Slum Women Initiative (CSWI), Namayumba Women’s group and Kyetume Women’s group. We have boosted a saving culture among the young women and girls in various villages through formation of saving groups for example Female Educators Savings Association (FESA) where women can save their money and also get basic financial knowledge.

Mentorship and coaching of young girls and women

For the past 14 years, WEGCDA has educated, coached, and mentored young women and girls in various aspects of life which has helped them realize that an alternative future is possible. We have also trained young women and girls how to create a vision for the life they want to live, develop a plan to achieve it and execute that plan each day to begin moving their lives forward.

Capacity building

WEGCDA runs capacity building sessions for staff members, women and young girls through internships, project planning and management, fundraising, proposal writing, report writing, lobbying and advocacy, leadership, gender and equity budgeting for cso’s and district departments of government. we collaborate and how to conduct research so as to improve their work environment capabilities and be able to compete favorably and contribute to the development process with an informed mind.

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